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Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Colorado

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing and enjoying meals and socializing with loved ones. Over time and with regular usage, our kitchens wear down and need updating or remodeling to keep up with the modern lifestyle. Luckily, Colorado is home to many skilled kitchen remodeling contractors.

Finding a kitchen remodeling contractor that can meet your specific demands and aesthetic preferences in the current renovation trend might be challenging. For this reason, we have created a list of the kitchen remodel ideas we believe would best meet your requirements.

Deep and Vibrant Colors

The kitchen and bathroom business often mirrors the fashion sector, and this year is no exception. Owners in Colorado who have recently remodeled their kitchens have made bold design statements by combining various materials, colors, and styles. It's true that many people like a white kitchen, but that choice is losing its popularity. Recently, we've seen a rise in the popularity of blue and green cabinetry, both of which have been popular choices among our customers.

Aesthetic Sink Choices

We no longer need to decide between stainless steel and white sink. Almost every aesthetic choice or design criterion may be accommodated by the wide variety of colors, sizes, and combinations available in heat- and scratch-resistant composite sinks. Sinks are becoming more of a design focal point, with a wide variety of materials available to suit any style.

Open Storage Racks

Open-shelf solutions are becoming more popular due to the growing desire for more modern design. Many top wall cabinets have been removed and replaced with open shelving for a more uncluttered and modern aesthetic.

When our customers choose open shelves over higher wall cabinets or streamlined designs, we advocate using organizing accessories to reduce counter-top clutter. Standard storage accessories include plate racks, spice racks, pull-out drawers, and other organizing solutions for small appliances, plates, glasses, cutlery, knives, and other kitchen gadgets and accessories.

Proper Lighting

These days, homeowners are taking the trend of hanging pendants over islands to a new level by requesting a cluster of miniature pendants in place of a traditional chandelier or having a series of pendants hung at different heights.

According to a recent poll, L-shaped kitchen layouts are the most popular choice for American homeowners planning a kitchen renovation. Almost half of all homeowners have modified or intend to change their kitchen's current layout as part of their renovation project. After the galley layout, the U-shaped design was the next most common for kitchens.

Another major trend in kitchen makeovers is the creation of open layouts. A common request from our customers is to expand the usable area of their kitchen into adjacent living areas. More than 50% of homeowners extend their kitchen to other living rooms, while 18% open it to outside spaces.

Gold Is Not Getting Old

Customers are still drawn to products with metallic polishes. Faucets, quick hots, and all gold-tone pot fillers are trending. Rose gold, brilliant gold, black gold, polished gold, and rose-colored bronze are all relatively new additions to the metal luster spectrum.

Why Not More Than 2 Kitchens?

In recent years, we've seen an increase in requests for second and even third kitchens, as many families have come to see the kitchen as the heart of the house. The primary kitchen is used for appliances, food preparation, cooking, and cleaning, while the secondary kitchen is used for eating, entertaining, gathering, schoolwork, etc.

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